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The Comfort In Grief

Today is September 11, 2019. 18 years have passed since the tragic terror attack that changed our country forever. As I think back on this significant day I think about the 5 year old me and how I wasn't even old enough to understand what had transpired. Growing up I learned about this day ever year and now as an adult I my heart resonates with those who lost their loved ones on this day. My heart also resonates with individuals who have lost loved ones just over the recent span of time. I think about how precious life is and how taken for granted it is as well.

Lately my heart has been heavy on different accounts of loss and seeing how many people my age have lost their lives. I can't help but to feel the grief that many of my close friends or associates feel during their time of loss. Even though I can't imagine because we all experience different losses, I still can't help but to feel pained. As I reflect on life and how precious it truly is I can't help but to think of how amazing of a comforter God is. I feel that because we now and days we experience loss more frequently than probably any other time in our life we become numb to the hurt and pain and we never truly grieve or find peace.

I remember when I lost my uncle; this happened to be the first major loss in my life of someone so close to me. I was so hurt and my heart was pained but trusting and knowing that God will comfort me and also knowing that my uncle was in my future made the grieving process easier. Of course I had questions like "why did my uncle have to leave so soon?" and "why didn't this take place or that take place?" I had to remember who the ultimate peacemaker was. The only one who could comfort and give me peace like no other and that was God. My uncle crosses my mind often but its never in a grieving state anymore its more so in a peaceful and happy state. Knowing that I'll be able to see him again is where my peace lies.

To everyone who is grieving and hurting on this day remember it's okay to grieve. Grieve for how long you need to but don't grieve forever. While you're grieving seek peace and comfort from God because He will give it to you. The hurt may never go away but the feeling of loss will ease. Remember that your loved one is in your future. Rest in knowing that.

My prayer today is that God's peace and comfort will overtake those who are hurting and who can't seem to make it through today or any day for that fact. I pray that every day that comes will give you a new level of peace and hope for tomorrow.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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