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The Journey To Becoming

Last Saturday I made the decision to really embark on the journey to becoming the best version of myself mentally and physically. After experiencing regression in my mental and physical health God told me to take action and so I have been. I can truly say that God's strength and encouragement has helped a lot. Knowing that my choice to take action instead of dwell in uncertainty has really made a difference.

Last week I began a video diary. Video diaries consist of recordings of yourself either talking to yourself in encouragement or authenticity as you go through a journey. Similar to a vlog where people record their travels, or wedding journey's etc. You can truly make it what you want lol. For me I have been using it to track my journey of becoming. It's funny because when I start recording most times it starts off with me talking in second person and then usually ends with me talking in third person. I have a strong feeling that even though this video diary was strictly for me that I may be sharing them one day possibly.

I realized this morning that the journey I'm on is the journey to becoming. I never knew what I would call this journey but that's exactly what it is. I'm on the journey to become fully the woman that God has created for me to be. Over the past 7-5 years I have been in and out of this journey as I have been maturing, growing, and learning. This particular part of this journey I believe is what seems to be the last phase of this chapter. In this particular phase I believe that by the end of it I would have fully become all that God needs and wants for me to be in order to prepare me for the next chapter ahead. I've been learning and unlearning so much about myself and the things around me. It's been a process but I'm now starting to see the glory in it. There were times where I felt God had left me alone but He never left me He just allowed me to learn certain things on my own to build resiliency. The one thing about God is He didn't have to "break me down" to build me back up. A lot of the things that He allowed me to learn for myself are situations that I put myself in. He never allowed the fall to defeat me, He allowed me to learn and He simply dusted me off and picked me back up.

The consistency in God's fatherly love is impeccable to me. I love being able to experience and realize the earthy father in my heavenly father. God is a protector, a teacher, a comforter, a corrector, a provider, and a friend. Amongst a host of so many other things. Of course there are decisions that I would change or choose differently but I would never change this experience. It's these real life moments that show me time and time again how faithful and consistent God is. I wouldn't know a love like this if it wasn't for the very things that tried to break me, but every time God turned it around. I am truly becoming!

My prayer today is that we will all be able to authentically see who God is to us. I pray that we know that God isn't only glorious in our trials and battles. He's glorious beyond that. I pray that everyone will experience in their own life how faithful God is.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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