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The Other Side Of Fear

We have all spent some amount of time in our life putting something together; knowing that when we were finished it was indeed going to be something great. We spend weeks, months, and sometimes years preparing for what we have to share with our loved ones or in some cases the world. Once we're finished with what we've spent so much time working on, we wait with anticipation for the day to come to finally share. Closer to the day approaching many of us get nervous or experience fear. We tend to second guess ourselves, we push back launch dates, or we simply end up not sharing at all.

I experienced this not too long ago. As I spent a great length of time preparing the idea and layout of this site, I was so excited and couldn't wait to share what I had been working on. It wasn't up until the week of my launch date when fear began to cripple into my mind. I started to wonder about the what ifs and so many things that had not even crossed my mind before. The feeling of nervousness and anxiousness really started to build up inside of me, but I was quickly reminded that I was given the idea to start blogging not by mistake but by purpose. God saw fit for me to create something so useful for my generation and the generations before and after me. God reminded me that He did not give me a spirit of fear (2Timothy 1:7). It was in that exact moment when I realized where the fear came from and it didn't take me long to send it back where it came from too.

Yes, life has its moments of intimidation, but when your purpose aligns with whatever it is that you have been preparing for you should always walk in the authority God has given you. Don't wait to publish that book, start that business, move out of state, travel, etc. Whatever it may be, if your are meant to do it then do it. Someone out there is depending and waiting on you to step away from fear and walk in your purpose. Don't wait for people's support, thoughts and approval on what it is that you are doing. The only thought and approval that matters is God's. Use the wisdom He gave you and seek Him in all things. He is the other side of fear. There's peace, rest, confirmation, support, and motivation in Him. Don't let fear waste another day given to you to walk in your purpose.

What is it that you are meant to do, planning to do, or actively preparing to do that fear has held you back from?

My prayer today is that from this day forward we will all walk boldly in the authority that God has given us and that fear will no longer have place in our minds and in our hearts.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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4 Yorum

Bilinmeyen üye
10 Ağu 2019

Thank you so much for the encouraging & visit to my site! Love you more!


Thanks so much for letting your light shine so we can see the Father's good work in you & give GLORY TO GOD! I LOVE YOU!


Bilinmeyen üye
10 Ağu 2019

I’m glad that you still decided to walk in your purpose!


This is very true. I experienced the same thing when I started my business.

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