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The Quiet Place

I’ve had a great reminder of how imperative our quiet time with God is. Sometimes we hit times in our lives where it becomes hard for us to go into that quiet place and seek God’s voice. I’ve also been reminded that when we’ve been out of the quiet place for long God will come to get us. He will make it loud and clear that He is trying to get us alone to talk to us.

Personally I’ve noticed that when I’m going through I usually run from the quiet place. Backwards right? I know. That should be the main place where I run. It’s not that I don’t want to run there or be there, it just feels like often I don’t have the strength or it becomes hard if we’re being real. I’m learning more in my walk with Christ that I truly can‘t do everything in my own strength. I’m always in need of God’s wisdom and strength to lead me, guide me, and pull me through.

There‘s nothing greater than being in the presence of God in the quiet place and experiencing peace, rest, stripping of dead weight and the many other things that we can experience in that time. There’s nothing greater than the freedom and protection that’s given in that place of surrendering. As I continue to grow in my walk with Christ I’m constantly challenging myself to step out of what’s comfortable and normal for me. It's very uncomfortable and causes some stretching but what brings me peace is knowing that it will all be worth it. Today I challenge you to step into that quiet place and stay there long enough for God to move. Don't visit the quiet place once or twice but make it a habit, a norm to go there often in surrenderance.

My prayer today is that we find rest, peace, wholeness, answers, clarity, freedom, and more in the quiet place. I pray that we begin to go to the quiet place in our time of trouble and uncertainty, that we don't run away from God in the moments where we need to run to God.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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