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What Is Love?

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

February 14th. The day where Love truly feels the air. The holiday that society made huge in what measures the importance of a relationship.

I'm going to be transparent for a moment. Me being what many would call a hopeless romantic, I dreamt of the day that I would be showered with love, appreciation and attention from a significant other.

Being a person who loves Love I always wanted that feeling of feeling special to someone other than family and friends. Fast forward to a more polished version of myself I still love Love. With this being my first Valentine’s Day in a relationship I‘m not as geeked over this day as I thought I would be. In this season I'm content and blessed to be shown love everyday that I don’t have to amount it for just one day. Actually for a few seasons on this particular date I've been content in both single & dating seasons. I’m extremely content in knowing that I am loved beyond measure by a Man who loved me before I was even thought of and that's God. He loves me with an Agape love that is unconditional and everlasting. No other love could ever amount to that type of love.

I've always said that I want a love that mirrors 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. I believe this is the true definition of Love. It is what has set the tone for what I expect to receive and that is an Agape type of love. This also keeps me from settling to things of the naked eye because everything that glitters isn't gold. This scripture allows me to be transparent with myself but also reminds me that I am still worthy in the eyes of God.

As a vast majority of my friends are married, in serious relationships, etc; I always pray that their relationships are covered in order but mainly in Love. In the Love that only God can provide. Agape love is the love that is unconditional and covers all multitudes.

I've learned during my season of singleness & even in the season of dating or togetherness that they’re both a season of learning and molding. Both are a season of constant preparation. You're not perfect in the season of preparation, no one is. You will still make mistakes, you will still doubt at times and question the timing. I remember being so hard on myself during the first year or two of my season of singleness. I made a few poor choices and it wasn't until recently when I fully understood that I was still worthy to God and worthy for the man he will send me. Even now that I’m dating I’m still learning and understanding that God‘s love is sufficient.

Learning to love myself and LEARN myself has been one of the toughest yet most rewarding things that I have mastered but still progressing in. I'm thankful for the molding and shaping.

So every year on February 14th I throughly enjoy the pictures, captions, roses, gifts, etc that other couples receive. I even enjoy the loving of other family members outside of a significant other. It reminds me that Love conquers all hurt and fear and that I truly can't love God if I don't love those around me.

Will YOU be your Valentine? Will you love outside of societal norms? Because the season to solely starts with you!

Happy Valentine's Day ♥️

With love,

Yours Truly, Eb

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