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What Will You Decide?

Happy Saturday friends! Lately I've been struggling with believing and simply trusting God about a few things in my life. I found myself in a place where everything around me got so loud that it started to drown out the truth. It can be so easy to succumb to the noise around you and the voices of opinions and thoughts of others. It can be so easy to get caught up in confusion and even doubt to the point where now you're seeking people and places that God never told you to seek in the first place.

For me I remember getting so overwhelmed at one point where the only thing I heard God say was "will you trust me?" He said "will you make a decision to just trust and believe in what I've already told you?" It hit differently because I didn't want to believe that I wasn't fully trusting God, however my fear worry and doubt were clear signs that I wasn't. I had this revelation of who God has always showed up to me as and that's my father. He is truly Abba Father to me and I had to get to a place to understand that as His daughter, God would never give me less than what He has promised me. The journey may not always look promising but that's the thing about faith. God never said it would look cute and easy, He just said to trust Him and believe and He would take care of the rest.

Today I want to encourage you to trust God and believe again. Choose to seek His voice and His presence so that you can be guided and lead correctly. Remember that God is your father and you are His child, there is no good thing that God would keep from His child. He didn't call you His own just for show. He called you His own because when He paid the price He did it out of love and saw you valuable enough to give you all that your heart desires and more.

My prayer today is that we trust and believe and fix our focus on the heart of God and who He really is to us. I pray that we remember who we are to God as well. His children in whom He adores and loves beyond what our mind can fathom.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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After all of the problems that I’ve surmounted, this particular message definitely hits home for me. There were moments when I had doubts in his work, and didn’t want to face the reality of things, but once I did, everything began to look more clearer. That was the clarity that I needed.

Apr 24, 2022
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