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Where’s Your Place In The Puzzle?

Life is like a puzzle and us humans; we are the pieces to the puzzle. Being the piece to a puzzle we often find ourselves trying to fit in places where we don't always belong simply because we THINK we fit there. There are many times in life where we think we fit or belong but in reality we don't. At times it can be disappointing.

Have you ever wondered that maybe just maybe you weren't made to fit in because you belong in another place where you're needed and called? The puzzle doesn't call you to be an end piece even if you seem to almost fit. Maybe there's more purpose in you being the inner or middle piece.

Have you ever not been content with your purpose or calling because it seems to take you away from the life you have become comfortable to? Learning to be comfortable with yourself and content with just YOUR own company is so important. Simply because the season that you may enter one day in life may cause you to walk alone, and instead of getting sad and feeling lonely you will understand more of why God never called anyone (YOU) to "fit in" to begin with.

It's hard but that's when you begin to pray for intentional and like minded individuals for the season that you're in and also for the assignment that you're on. Not everyone in our life is intentional. Which means everyone doesn't deserve or need to get close to you. There‘s lessons, trials, and tribulations on this journey called life; but there is also favor, blessings, and peace when we trust God.

My prayer today is that we allow our ears and eyes to become open to what God’s mission is for our life. I pray that God will bless you all with intentional people and a community of accountability. I pray that growth will transpire and we all will be greater than the day before.

With love,

Yours Truly, Eb

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19 ส.ค. 2562

Hmmm that’s good! I never thought about that. But I definitely don’t want to be the missing piece.


In reading this, I thought about how frustrating it is to get to the end of a puzzle and the last piece is missing. The puzzle can't be completed. Don't be the missing piece!!

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