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Why I Love Me

I want to dedicate this post to myself and also to those who are having a hard time finding things they love about themselves. I feel that it is important to remind yourself of why you‘re still going and encourage yourself. Sometimes you have to be your own hype man and remind yourself of why you’re great and amazing and most of all why your worthy to be loved. So here‘s a list of the things I love about myself. I hope that when you read this you’ll be able to find things and reasons on why you love yourself...especially if you’re having a hard time figuring it out.

1) I love my caring heart. It sincerely brings joy to my heart to bring joy to others.

2) I love my determination. If I want it I go get it. 3) I love my smile. It’s often contagious and I love when others smile. 4) I love that I‘m passionate. I put my all into things I’m passionate about.

5) I love that I’m patient. My patience allows me to learn a lot about people. 6) I love that I’m kind hearted. I’m a likable person.

7) I love that I’m ambitious. I’m always ready to go complete and go after my goals.

8) I love my eyes. They talk more than my lips. 9) I love my dark skin. My skin is rich and beautiful. 10) I love that I’m loyal. I have great relationships with people as a result of. 11) I love that I am intelligent. It’s has helped me to be well rounded.

12) I love my style. Because it showcases me. 13) I love that I’m unique. Because there’s nobody like me. 14) I love my old soul. My soul holds a lot of wisdom. 15) I love that I‘m relatable. I’ve met some of the greatest people from being able to be relatable.

16) I love my genuineness. Everyone needs a genuine person in their life. 17) I love my personality. I can talk to just about anybody. 18) I love that I’m gifted and talented. Shout out to God. 19) I love that I’m trustworthy. I value trust.

20) I love that I am resilient. I hold such a beautiful story.

21) I love my strength. I feel like I can do just about anything.

22) I love that I am an overcomer. I know I can overcome anything.

23) Last but not least I love that I am chosen & delighted in. Because God said so.

These are just a few things & reasons that I think of about myself when it comes down to the things I love about myself. Sometimes we get to a place in life where we question our existence or we feel stagnant and don’t know who we are or where we’re going. In times like those that’s when this list is most important. Looking in the mirror and telling yourself why you love YOU or what YOU love about YOURSELF will help you to realize that in the rough seasons you will come out an overcomer. Your list should always consist of the things that God thinks of you & POSITIVE things you think about yourself. If you can’t think of any at the moment feel free to use my list until you can come up with your own!

Today my prayer is, is that we will be able to come to a place where we can genuinely hype ourselves up. Where we can motivate ourselves. I pray that we know that we are loved and that there are so many things about us that are worth loving. I pray that we realize we have characteristics that people love about us but most importantly that God loves EVERY part of us. I pray that we also realize that God thinks so highly of us.

Remember that whatever you think you’re not God already thinks that you are!

I love you and Jesus loves you more!

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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Unknown member
Jan 18, 2020

Thank you! I love you too!


I love you too and Jesus thought you were to die for.

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