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Worry Less

Happy Saturday friends! We're already through January! I pray that 2024 is off to a great start in all of your lives. If I can keep it real, January has felt a little different for me this year. Not necessarily in a negative way but just like different territory. I feel as though I've been having to adjust and of course with change or with new territory it's not always easy or comfortable to process.

This week in itself seemed to be a little bit much for ya girl lol but I made it! One of the things that I noticed is how when I felt a shift I began to notice my mind and thoughts beginning to race. It seemed no matter how much I prayed that my mind was still racing. I was reminded that where there's worry there's no peace. It's so easy to fall into worry because whatever you're worried about feels keyword "feels" real when more than half of the time it's not real.

I'm constantly learning lately how faulty our feelings are because they stem mainly from our natural flesh. We make huge decisions often out of our feelings, we a lot of times even act out of our feelings. The biggest revelation that I've received lately is how dangerous it is to let your "feelings" take precedence over your thoughts. I've personally have made horrible decisions and actions off my "feelings". I however have been able to be more proactive on realigning my thoughts and feelings to line up with the truth of God.

I'm not going to say that in the process of realigning emotions in those moments have been easy all the time but to be able to fight for peace, truth, and hope is what encourages me to keep going. It's easy to think that God is allowing you to drown when things don't instantly change or stop or whatever it is that we're seeking God to do. Could it be that maybe God is teaching you how to fight, how to gain strength or how to prepare and be aware of those cheap shots that come from the enemy or even sometimes from ourselves? We can be our own opponent at times because we rather soak in what we "feel".

So let me leave you with this question... what can you do daily to frame or reframe your day, your mind, your thoughts, your actions and your decisions? Remember God's word says to not be anxious for nothing meaning don't worry about a thing. Philippians 4:6

My prayer today is that we find the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Peace in our thoughts, peace in our minds, peace in our homes, peace in our life in general. I pray that we will praise before we worry and that we will worry less. I pray thst we will choose to think on things that are lovely, just, pure, true, honest, and of a good report. I pray that our feelings will line up with what God says about us and that our words that we speak over our lives in those tough moments will keep us bound.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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