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Humble Our Hearts

Happy Saturday! For the past 2 years I’ve been in a learning state with God. When I say learning state I mean that God has been actively teaching me different lessons pertaining to my life in different areas. For the past month though it’s been pretty up close and personal and I want to share what He has highlighted for me.

The highlighted area is humility. When we think of humility we often think of it being the opposite of being prideful. While that does play a fact, we have to take a dive at what being humble in itself means. According to the Strong’s concordance it means to make yourself low or to be put down. It means to be afflicted or to weaken oneself. As I’ve been reading and studying to learn more about God’s word that’s one thing that has been highlighted to me. God definitely wants us to learn His word and to abide by it but He also reminded me of how important it is to not get so caught up on what I’m reading but utilizing and seeking Holy Spirit for the wisdom and the revelation there of.

The humility comes in being careful not to think that I know more than what I truly understand and to always see myself as a student. It’s also understanding that my revelation of God’s word will most times not be the same as the next person so it’s up to me to seek God for my own understanding and knowledge of His word and what He’s speaking to me in particular regarding His word.

One of the jobs of Holy Spirit is to be a helper. We have to position ourselves or better yet humble ourselves to ask Holy Spirit for help or guidance. He will guide us and show us all things because He also the Spirit of truth. We can miss the mark sometimes with thinking that our revelation or someone else’s revelation is the end all be all and again that’s not always the case.

We want to make sure that we are being teachable because God may require us to deal with things in life differently based on the circumstance of a thing. You may think to deal with it one way according to His word and God may require you to do it a different way according to His word. Will you humble yourself or position yourself to do it God’s way? I believe that’s why God tells us to seek Him about ALL things.

Today I want to challenge you to do a heart check. Ask yourself have you been walking in humility or have you been walking in your own flesh? Ask yourself have you been seeking God about all things or only seeking Him about what has pricked your soul which is your (mind, will, emotions)?

My prayer today is that we will humble ourselves often before God and that we will allow God to teach us and mold us in every area and season of our lives. I pray that we will become students again and become teachable. I pray that we don’t forget where we came from and what we’ve overcome in Christ. I pray that we will utilize Holy Spirit in His entirety because Jesus gave us Holy Spirit to be a help and guide to us.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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