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Trusting God Through The Process

Happy Saturday! Lately I’ve been being more intentional in my alone time with God. In those moments I’ve valued the stillness and the comfort that comes with being in God’s presence. It’s where I go to simply talk to God, shoot off my thoughts, questions and concerns.

As I think about how I ended up in His presence more intentionally, I’m reminded that it was a process. Not necessarily the way that I intended for it to be but I’m thankful that the pressing and many uncomfortable moments led me solely to the presence of God. As I’m being vulnerable with God I often share my frustrations with Him about the current state of my journey. The unexpectedness of it all, the surprises, the twist and turns that seems to be leading to no where. It can become very disappointing or discouraging at times.

During a moment of discouragement and disappointment I was posed with this question. “Is it possible your understanding of restoration is different from what it means in the eyes/heart of God? Or that you simply have to give things time to play out?” It had me thinking about the things I’m believing God for. It prompted me to re-evaluating the process that I’m currently going through on behalf of the things that I’ve been praying and believing God for. I truly don’t believe that God waste any ounce of a situation that we go through. He’s turning it around for His glory. The tough part is accepting and releasing what you thought it would be like or could be like from your own eyes.

Trusting God thought the process is an everyday choice to learn how to truly depend on God and His sovereignty. It’s choosing to trust that God knows best even if the outcome isn’t what you wanted. It’s knowing that God is a restorer of all things lost but also knowing that restoration may not come in the way that you thought it would. It also is sometimes just simply being patient and watching God change things on your behalf. The process isn’t always beautiful at first but it’s worth it. It’s grounds for reconstruction. It allows space for growth, stretching, learning, healing, and repair.

My prayer lately has been for God to purify my desires and to want His will more than mine. To prepare my heart for any outcome of any situation that I may face in life.

My prayer today is that we know the sovereignty of God in trusting Him through the process and through the unknown. I pray that even when discouraged we don’t stop believing and that we don’t give up. I pray that we be reminded that God is with us and for us.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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