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What's The Real Secret To A Good Life?

Everybody has their own definition of a good life as well as their own interpretation of what a good life looks like, but what's really the secret to a good life? We often get caught up on what would make us content or comfortable in life such as money and material things and there's nothing wrong with that at all, but it has truly obliterated the importance of the things that matter the most. The things that we often take for granted. During this time I have heard so many people say that they appreciate a lot of things more, such as life, family, friends, etc. None of them hardly mentioned anything materialistic.

It has reminded me that the secret to a true good life is a the things we take advantage of the most. We take advantage of the ability to still be alive, we take advantage in some way shape or form of our friends and family because we have this preconceived notion that they will always be here, we even take advantage of the ability to have a roof over our heads, beds to lay in, food to eat etc. that we tend to forget some people don't have these things. One would say that these are the things that make up a good life. I would partially agree though because there's other counterparts that are missing. What about happiness, peace, and joy? What about spending more time in life doing the things that truly makes us happy? We can get into the habit of making excuses for why we can't do x,y, and z but sometimes all there is to it is just to do it.

We have been conditioned in some way to believe that we have to have life all figured out and perfect in order for it to be a good life, when in deed that is not the case. I can use myself as a prime example. This pandemic has shown me just how truly blessed I am. I may not have all the things that I want but I have all the things that I need and that realization right there....that mindset is the secret to a good life. Life is all about what we make it and many times in some cases turning lemons into lemonade. Overall I believe the secret to a good life is being genuinely happy, doing things you love, having peace, joy, having genuine people in your life you love and care for you and of course being in great health.

What do you think the secret to a good life is? Let me know!

My prayer today is that we don't forget the things in life that matters the most. I pray that we realize how blessed we truly are and that over the course of this upcoming week we are able to find things that represent how blessed we are.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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